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Commercial real estate and the SBA loan process can be one of the most complicated business transactions. Hana Small Business Lending, Inc. understands the procedure and has developed solutions to make the lending process as easy as possible.

HSBL is a direct SBA non-bank lender that specializes in nationwide commercial real estate and business lending. As a non-bank PLP lender, our sole business is funding and servicing SBA loans with our own capital. SBA loans are designed to meet the unique needs and financial requirements of small businesses. With more liberal repayment terms and collateral requirements than conventional loans, SBA loans offer flexible financing.

We aim to understand our clients' business and personal financial goals. We develop options that are optimized for the first transaction and for future capital needs. This holistic approach ensures that our clients are serviced correctly with the right financing and a sound financial plan. We are committed to our clients as a valued financial advisor and partner. We provide our services based on our lending platform that covers business lending.

Please call Hana Small Business Lending, Inc. to experience a different approach to meeting capital needs.

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